Assessment with Heart

In my “Assessment of Information Literacy” Research Methods class this week, we are looking at principles to be considered (and questions we need to ask ourselves) when we make long-term assessment plans, especially in higher education settings. One of the guiding documents we’re looking at is the American Association of Higher Education’s* “Nine Principles of […]

When Cultures Collide

The vision of learning that Douglas Thomas and John Seely Brown share in A New Culture of Learning is so exciting, it makes you want to jump up and shout out to the world: “We can do this! Let’s shake things up! Let’s imagine! Let’s collaborate! Let’s create! Let’s play games!” That is, until you […]

Sandbox 2: Unfinished video book report

As you can see from my last post, I didn’t present my context book report in media/multimedia format. But this was not for lack of trying. In fact, I spent several hours exploring different presentation tools (Animoto, Prezi, Slideshare, Powerpoint), and then many (many!) more starting a presentation in Windows Live Movie Maker, which seemed […]